Friday, October 29, 2010

The project ?

haha my brother give a job to attend .

and it a suprise because it all about photography.
something like model photoshoot.

this event involve a lot of model . oouhh -.-

he told me can i help him?
yeah brahh , absolutely i can :)

dang ! excited . happy . nervous .
all these thing keep walking and running in my brain right now .

my brother told me , my job is just being a assistant production .
what i'm gonna do ? give speech ? oh no mann . mngelabah saya nti :)
this is a first time event job dud . haha

when i know the details , he told me tat this event i'm not being paid .
its ok brahh . i want to learn and have fun in this photog life :) .

just hope the day i can b a mr awesome . [ chuck addicted ]
hahaha .

mode : excited