Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tips For Taking Care of Your External Hard Drive

External hard disk drive is a stand alone gadget which connects to a personal computer using a USB cable or FireWire. The device can give you extra space storage for file and provide data back up out of your primary computer. If you want to buy an external hard drives, then you can do some research on Google. Just enter the keyword and add a word “review” at the end of it, “Buffalo External Hard Drive Reviews” for example, or Western Digital 1.5TB Review. An external hard drives are put apart from your desktop computer and have no solid case to protect it from damage. Here are few preventive tips to keep your device working in a good condition.

Place your device on good, fixed and steady base on which it won’t be knocked, fallen or bumped. Pick a location for the External Hard Drive which is far from heating elements, AC units, breezes or wet environment.
Connect your external hard drive to a power increase suppressor to guard it from problems due to voltage surges.
Stationed your gadget any time it is in use. Do not move the external hard drive when it is powered on because it may lead to damage.
Clean the surface of your external hard drive from the dust regularly by using a smooth cloth for optical. Remove any dust that is stuck within the cracks by spraying canned air.
If required, put together a little cooling fan close to the device to keep your external hard drive in low temperature.
I hope your external hard drive can be a long lasting one, because the design itself has been considered for various condition, the steps above are just mitigating the damage risk. It’s all back up to you how you treat your device.